15 Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

15 Lessons from Nature

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

  1. Slow down. Do you really need to rush to get things done?  Nature tells us to take our time with all the things that we do.2. Strength comes from adversity. Often after troubling times we become the strongest we have ever been. No matter how long and tough winter is we always know spring is coming to bring us sun, water and beauty in nature.3. There is a reason for everything.  When a bird tries to fly for the first time and fails at doing so, it shortly learns how to fly better.  With failure comes success.

    4. Be present.  Our awareness is completely centered on the here and now.

    5. Stay connected.  We are all connected to source energy.  We are all connected to the earth’s energy.  To feel grounded and connected you can envision yourself with your bare feet on the ground and feel roots on your feet connect into the core centre of the earth.  Take deep breaths until you feel calm and centered in your body.  A friend of mine gets connected to the earth by laying on her floor and envisioning she is laying on grass.  This works just the same!  Of course, the best way to get grounded is to actually get ourselves outside and into nature.  Away from traffic and noise.  Where there are many trees and hopefully some water.  In winter we have to use our minds to make this happen.  Remember your mind is quite powerful!

    6. Remain flexible and adaptable.

    7. Value intuition over information.  Inner guidance is your inner wisdom.

    8. Listen to your body.  Our body always knows what is best for us.  If you are feeling tired, ask yourself why your body is feeling this way. Is it because you aren’t taking care of yourself? Are you going to bed too late?  Are you eating the wrong types of foods?

    9. At the centre of your being you will always have the answer.  Take a moment of silence with deep breaths. Calm your mind and wait for the answer to appear.  It’ll come in a whisper or a subtle message that will appear before your eyes. Just look, listen and feel.

    10. As seasons change, we are guided to learn acceptance and non-resistance. Trees don’t resist leaves falling when winter arrives. They stand deeply rooted in the ground, with their vulnerability out in the open and branches spread wide, surrendering to the Universe. “Do what you will with me, I trust it is for my highest good.”

    11. Birds soaring through the sky represents the limitless freedom and potential available to us if we release our fears. Taking off to fly for the first time can be scary and bring about feelings of fear. Without taking the risk of the first flight, we won’t find the internal freedom we desire. We must dare to take our feet off the ground, spread our wings and soar.

    12. Our pets teach us unconditional love without any expectations.

    13. The sky teaches us to appreciate the darkness.  After the darkness there is always light.  When you are feeling inner darkness and feel hopeless always remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Or you can envision that darkness like the sky.  In the morning, the sun will rise and light will spread to illuminate and rejuvenate the body.

    14.  Water is essential in clearing away negativity.  Having a cleansing shower or warm bath with salt will help clear away any stuck, stagnant negative energy that is on you and replenish your positive energy.

    15. Animals in general, teach us to be ourselves.  Animals accept who they are and make the best out of the situation they are in.  They are strong and know their weaknesses are actually a gift.  We are unique individuals and when in alignment we can do anything.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”- Albert Einstein

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