Journey Into Your Heart

Why Journey Into The Heart?

I felt called to open this journey to help women take the first step to their own healing.

It begins with YOU.

It really does! You can try to deny it, but it will always come back to YOU.

Have you asked what your heart needs?

I believe that the world can be filled with stress and overwhelm. 

We get caught up in what isn’t working for us. 

We tend to FEEL this overwhelm in our bodies. It creates the story that we aren’t supported, or appreciated, or loved. 

Does your world feels like it keeps going around BUT you are not going anywhere?

Our heart’s ache for more because we feel unfulfilled.


The #1 Reason I have found while working with clients is….

Journey into Your Heart

In 2015, I learned about a HEART-WALL in The Emotion Code modality of healing. 

Yes, it is that simple. A wall of trapped emotions that are surrounding our hearts. 

Heart-Walls can block us from fully opening our hearts to the world. 

It can create: 

Journey Into Your Heart Series

A wall around your heart…can also feel like: sadness,despair, betrayal…….
And it can lead to depression.

JOY is meant to live in your heart.

With my clients, I help support them in finding that wall….
and make sure it’s released!

The Heart-Wall is only the beginning of opening your heart.
If you give yourself five weeks to be a part of this journey –
you will feel a POSITIVE change in your life!

In this 5 week journey together we will:

What's included

1. Weekly Zoom Calls

  • 5 – 90 minute zoom calls weekly.
  • There will be opportunities for you to speak and share your story or ask questions during the sessions.
  • All sessions will be recorded.
  • You will have lifetime access to these calls once you download them.

2. Private Facebook Group

  • In this group, I will be doing live videos when I feel called to give you more insight or guidance between the calls.
  • I will take you on my nature walks and continue to offer guidance as it comes throughout the week. This will be saved in the group where you can watch it when it is suitable for you.
  • This is the place you go to share with the community in a safe and supportive space. Share your wins! Share your struggles! Get support from myself and others!
  • This is a group series. I urge you to ask questions within the group first, before coming to me.
  • I want to create the spaciousness for you to feel empowered. This is the way to do it. xo

Join the Journey Into Your Heart Series

Pay in Full

Journey Into Your Heart Group Healing Series BONUS OFFER For this Option ONLY:
Reduced rate on a 1:1 personal call.

3 spots are OPEN! 

Your Investment: $557.
One call to be used during our five weeks together.

2 Monthly Payments

$279.00/month for 2 months
$558 Total.

Please keep in mind: I do not offer any 1:1 calls.
1:1 Journeys with me are a dedicated 6-month program at a higher price point. (Current Price $777/month x 6 months).

Have Questions?

Or, want to have a chat on how we can make these payment plans an option for you?
Let’s get you started on your Journey Into Your Heart now!

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