“Tara is a super kind and compassionate person. She assisted us with our three kitties in relation to our family dynamic. Since our session, things have greatly improved. The cats have resolved many of their issues and our home is more peaceful. In addition, my husband and I are responding differently to any conflicts that do arise. In learning more about the cats, and their current and past experiences, we are able to tailor our responses to their particular needs and sensitivities. Tara checked in a few times with us after our session, going above and beyond to assist our family. I highly recommend Tara as a gifted BodyTalk professional who pours love into her work with people and animals!”

H.G. - Texas

“We will be forever grateful to Tara-Jo for having performed some energy healing sessions on our amazing chocolate lab Duncan. We came to Tara-Jo in desperation as Duncan had been suffering from some really bad skin issues for almost all of his life and his discomfort had really bad skin issues for almost all of his life and his discomfort had really bad skin issues for almost all of his life and his discomfort had reached an all-time high. Tara Jo was able to tune into Duncan and his needs and we noticed a difference in his comfort level almost immediately.  Although we got in contact with Tara Jo for skin related issues it wasn’t until after our first session that I really truly started to respect and understand what it means to have a dog in our world.  All of Duncan’s “stuff” was ours! It was quite an eye opener to see how much our emotions he truly took on in an act to help us.  I swear I fell in love with Duncan all over again.  Tara Jo’s sessions and feedback was always insightful and really allowed ourselves to be much more aware with how we were handling stresses in our life. It was a “light bulb” moment when we realized that the best way to help Duncan was to help ourselves.  Again, as mentioned, we went to Tara Jo for skin related issues but his behavioural issues such as anxiety which accompanied barking like crazy, jumping up and pulling on the leash have all but diminished.  We will be returning to Tara Jo in the future, not just for our pup but for ourselves as well. Thank you Tara Jo!”

M.M. - Vancouver, BC

“Tara, I am sending this to you to say I still think you and your sister are a reason for bringing my kitten back to life. GRATITUDE is what goes through my mind and as I write I cry, with such Gratitude. Babsuska’s story is hope for those who work in my same building who love animals and have them at home.  For all of them, it is truly a miracle!! Thank you “ 

E.K. - Czech Republic

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