BodyTalk is a complete healthcare system that works with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. There are billions of processes happening in the body at any moment that allows the body to constantly maintain itself, regenerate and heal. However, stress, trauma, and environmental factors can cause communication breakdowns within the body, impeding healthy physical, mental and/or emotional functioning. With BodyTalk, the practitioner is finding which areas of the body and mind need to re-establish communication. Using a simple form of neuromuscular feedback and the BodyTalk protocol chart, the practitioner asks the client’s body what the priorities for healing are, thereby honoring each individual’s unique sequence for healing. And not surprisingly, by engaging in the dynamic of asking, the body responds! Once these priority areas are found, the practitioner gently taps over the head to alert the brain to the situation so it can fix the issue and then taps over the heart which stores and memorizes (“by heart”) the information in the body.

It’s non-invasive, nondiagnostic and completely safe. The client’s body is doing the healing, and it’s very empowering for clients to be able to connect to that capacity and confidence within themselves. It’s amazing what can happen by simply bringing things into awareness!

Since BodyTalk stimulates healing on all levels, there are practically no limits to its healing potential. If you are suffering from any physical pain, specific illness, fatigue, stress or depression, BodyTalk can assist in the healing process through a simple balancing procedure. Ultimately, it helps you become more in tune with your inner wisdom and thus brings peace and joy into your life by increasing clarity about what truly serves you.

Do you have an event coming up that you’re anxious about, or that is very important to you? A Performance Agenda or session is a way to use BodyTalk to maximize your potential for a specific event. Specific balancing is done with that intent and focus. Whether you’re nervous about going to an important seminar, test or sporting tournament, a performance session can help calm the nerves and clear the brain.

In general, a performance agenda can be used for:

  • A sporting event
  • An upcoming exam, presentation or performance in public;
  • Surgery or health care procedure;
  • Other important events like a serious business meeting, job interview, wedding, recital, or funeral;
  • Any upcoming event in which you or your loved one wants to be at your best; or
  • Anything that is causing you concern and not allowing you to fully enjoy life!

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