I'm Tara Jo, an Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide for those who want to experience true transformation in their lives.

My promise to you: I will always meet you from a place of heart, compassion, and kindness. You will receive nothing less than total acceptance and non-judgement when we work together.

Opening space for your deepest authenticity is so important to your healing.
I want you to feel safe, supported, and loved just as you are while you navigate this journey.

All aspects of the human experience are welcome here.

Tara-Jo Kadlec

And Now, a Little About My Journey...

For most of my life, I struggled with a constant feeling of fear and worry. It weighed on me for years, and I suffered it all in silence, until multiple health crises finally forced me to make a change.

While living abroad, I became severely ill with a mysterious illness. No doctors could figure out what was wrong with me. I tried every conventional method I could think of and nothing worked. 

Finally, I turned to something outside of conventional medicine: distance energy healing. 

And that one session completely changed my life.

Not only did my mystery illness begin to resolve, but my lifelong fear and worry began to heal too!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but healing myself and others would become my primary purpose in life.

Eventually, I began my training to become an energy healing practitioner. And while I still needed to continue my own healing path, I had finally come to a place where I knew I could hold that space for others too.

Over the years, I've received advanced training and certification in 6+ different healing modalities that address healing on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically). 

It’s my mission to support others who haven’t found success with other practices, to finally get the help they need and HEAL!

Your current challenges don’t need to stay with you forever.

I know how difficult it can be to imagine ease where there has only been pain, struggle, and heartbreak. I know how hard it can be to imagine a better life for yourself.

As I’ve seen not only with myself, but with my clients, we all have the ability to powerfully and quickly shift our reality.

We all have the ability to transform ANYTHING if we have the right support!

I am so passionate about what I do because I know what is possible even in the face of the “impossible”.

Energy healing empowers us to deeply heal all that blocks us from succeeding in life (whether we measure success by peace of mind, financial freedom, physical health, or thriving relationships). It does this by addressing ALL aspects of a problem—mind, body, heart, and soul.

No problem or challenge in our lives is ever just contained to one level of our being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). It impacts us in MANY ways on MANY levels, and energy healing lovingly address them all.

Through this work, I hold the highest intention for you and your healing. 

This work isn’t just work for me.
It’s my life’s purpose.

And I am here for you as your teammate, your support system, your guide, walking with you on this journey towards the healing that you desire!

A Saying I Live By is, "This or Something Better!"

It means that I’m open to receiving what I desire, or something even greater than that.

These words are really something special… they’ve brought me opportunities that went beyond what I thought could be possible for me… they’ve elevated my clients’ healing to levels they never knew existed… these words are more than just words. They’re an opportunity for life to surprise us with greatness.

And it is with this energy that I hold all of my client sessions.

The intention of our work together is ALWAYS to receive the solution that you seek… or something even better.

Why I'm Passionate About Working With Animals.

Why I'm Passionate About
Working With Animals.

I do energy healing sessions for both people AND animals, and here’s why…

Through my journey, I discovered that my beloved dog, Rugby, was acting as my guide. And from that moment on, I became committed to exploring the depths of this relationship and using that knowledge to help others.

Our pets are a reflection of ourselves. And what I do is gently and compassionately teach you what this means. To help balance you and your pet, together. 

You see, our pets can take on so much of our stress. Through this work, we focus on easing imbalances to help you and your pet’s wellbeing, so you can BOTH become healthier, happier, and experience more vitality in life!

The goal of this practice is to reduce suffering and increase hope by using my own experiences, periods of darkness, and journey back into the light, to support you in deepening your relationship with your pet.

Animals are a sacred part of our journey and of this world, and it is my honor to help you strengthen your relationship to all the animals in your life.

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