An all new Expansive ( A Transformative Group Coaching Program ) is coming soon and it’ll be better than ever!

Tara Jo has been learning new modalities and methods of healing to help elevate you to the next level.

This round will be full of surprises that will help you get to the root cause of some of your major issues.

If you are a woman who is wanting to make significant changes in your life, then this is your sign that the time is now!

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A Transformational Group Healing Journey

How it all started

Over the years in my own healing journey I have come to realize the power in a collective energy of women. We come together to lift each other up rather than break each other down.

There is power in numbers. Empowerment within our body leads to expansion in all areas of life!

When I hold the energetic space of “Expansive”, I supercharge the energetic shifts that take place on our calls and the in-between.

Tara-Jo Group Healing
Tara Jo is an Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach for those who want to experience true transformation in their lives.

Women who enter the Expansive Group Healing Journey want to change something in their life. There is power in the awareness of knowing there is something inside of you that is wanting something different.

That whisper from the divine that you’ve hearing, it is asking you to step into your own power. Are you willing to listen? Are you ready to take action towards your dreams?

When holding group sessions I allow women to feel hopeful, inspired, expansive & grateful. I allow a place for women to connect and understand that others are often struggling with similar issues as well.

If Expansive is calling you in, you will be stepping into a powerful group energy that never seizes to amaze me every single time.

Changes can happen rapidly, & sometimes it takes time. Just know you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.

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From time to time I will be offering
free group healing events.

Group is for women only at this point.

The Transformational Group Healing Journey…

Time allows us to take things one step at at time. We can either ignore the signs that our bodies have been giving us and time will still continue on..and we still will remain in the same patterns.


We can move one step at a time taking action, feeling supported, and feeling joyful along the way! Loving the journey of the in-between!

I knew there was a call for me to help women feel:

Would you like to go from…

If you are wanting more support, more healing, massive growth, and EXPANSION in your life,
this is YOUR SIGN.

Have you been feeling a nudge to change something in your life?

Do you feel STUCK in any area of your life?

Whether it is finances, health, career, business, relationships, etc. I can HELP you.

Are you looking for clarity for the decisions you have to make?

Would you love to be able to wake up in the morning feeling excited about your day?

Do you feel “blocked” when it comes to money flow?

Are you having trouble communicating your needs and wants to others? Is it affecting your relationship with others?

Do you struggle with a chronic illness/chronic pain?

Would you love to change your negative thinking cycles and turn them into a positive, transformative cycle for you and your future?

Do you want to remove faulty belief systems that have been holding you in patterns throughout your life where nothing ever seems to change?

If you said “YES” to any of these, then the Expansive 6 Month Group Healing Journey is for you!

Join the...

Transformational Group Healing Journey

What's included

1. Weekly Zoom Calls

  • 3 – 90-minute weekly Zoom calls per month
  • The last week of the month will be a week long integration period.
  • Interactive calls.
  • There will be opportunities for you to speak and share your story or ask questions during the sessions.
  • The sessions will be recorded for anyone that cannot be live on the call.
  • You will have lifetime access to these calls once you download them.

2. Private Facebook Group

  • In this group, I will be doing live videos to give you more insight or guidance between the calls.
  • You will be going on nature walks with me. I will be offering guidance as it comes throughout the walks.
  • All FB live videos will be saved in the group where you can watch when it is convenient for you.
  • This private group is where you can go to share with the Expansive community in a safe and supportive space. Share your wins! Share your struggles! Get support from myself and others!
  • This space allows you to step out of your comfort zone and this will lead you to your transformation.

3. Bonuses

A custom flower essence blend specifically created for this 6 month journey to expansion.
Handcrafted with love by Bianca Leclair.

This blend contains the following flower essences:

White Yarrow
Floods light into the energy system – purifying & releasing density, protects against emf’s & low vibe environments / energies, maintain integrity of field

Establishes a connection to the universal mind to achieve clarity of thought — enhancing intuition and the ability to channel

Pink Yarrow
Brings loving compassion and detachment into one’s relationships, soothes old hurts & scars that prevent an open heart

Wild Rose
Evokes high states such as joy and aliveness, inspires one to serve others – invoking blessings on the Earth plane through gratitude

Bleeding Heart
Mends the heart wall in cases of grief and melancholy over tragic events, strengthens the love one is able to carry, overflowing optimism

Assists in developing a higher love in the heart centre, one that connects & brings goodwill to others as well as to ourselves.

CAD $2400.00 One time Payment
Savings of $265.00
Regular: $2665.00

CAD $444.00 / Per month
CAD $277.00 / Per month

Payments are in Canadian funds.

Ready to make the leap?

There are 3 easy options to join
the 3 Month Group Healing Series.

There are 3 easy options to join the 3-Month Group Healing Series.

E-transfer payment options are available (for full payment or payment plans).
Send Tara Jo a message via the form below.

E-transfer payment options are available
(for full payment or payment plans).
Send Tara Jo a message via the form below.

Call Dates

To be Announced.

The first call starts June 23rd @ 1 pm MST.
Biweekly Zoom calls follow every Wednesday at 1 pm MST. Until Sept 1st.

BONUS call on September 8th.

Call times: 1 pm Mountain Time Zone.

Have Questions?

Want to have a chat on how we can make these payment plans an option for you?
Let’s get you started on your Expansive Healing Journey now!

Tell me a little about your self, what you’re wondering about,
and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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