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Expansive Fall Group Healing Series

During these past 6 months, I have been holding free healing sessions on my Facebook Love Your Journey Inc Page. The energy in these sessions has been MASSIVE!!! It has been a fascinating, wild ride with a lot of you! What I found was the energy held so much positive energy and allowed a place for people to connect and understand that others were struggling with similar things as well. One day I just knew I had to create a container for people who were wanting more support, more healing, massive growth, and EXPANSION. I visualized this Group for months, received divine guidance for what would occur for people that joined. How much fun we would have together!! And the final piece came together after a trip from the mountains yesterday. To add in the HEALING POWER OF NATURE!! OH YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!
Tara-Jo Group Healing

Do you feel me on that? It brought me so much EXPANSION for me to shoot some videos.

Nature is so powerful.

These healing sessions are so freaking powerful!

To be honest, I wish that I had discovered this way of working years ago. It would have brought me rapid transformation rather than a life of suffering on and off.


The possibilities are endless!

Would you like clarity on decisions you have to make?

Would you love to be able to wake up in the morning feeling excited about your day?

How about feeling POWERFUL throughout your whole body and mind? Knowing that you all along can heal yourself and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Do you have MONEY blocks? YES, we will remove these as well!

Have you had trouble communicating your needs and wants to others? Does it affect relationships in your life? Did you know when you stop and reflect and honour yourself first, it’s easier to come from a place of compassion, clarity, and kindness for yourself and others?

Do you struggle with a chronic illness? Something that has plagued you for a while and can’t seem to find a solution?

Would you love to change your negative thinking cycles and turn them into a positive, transformative cycle for you and your future? The future is brilliant by the way! I CAN FEEL IT!

Want to remove any faulty belief systems that have been holding you in patterns throughout your life where nothing ever seems to change?

Do you feel STUCK in any area of your life?

Seriously, anything you are struggling with, whether it is finances, health, career, business, relationships, etc. this will HELP you.

I am here to help support you in a loving and supportive way. I want you to feel excited and motivated to achieve your dreams. It is possible!

Come to each call with something you are struggling with and see it release for good.

If you are wanting to draw a line in the sand and say “I have had enough. I am READY for change. I am READY for expansion. I am READY for transformation,” then you belong in the Expansive Fall to Healing container. Let’s make it happen!

Want to chat about how this could help you? I would love to! Use the form below to connect.

What's included

Biweekly Zoom Calls

Calls will take place Wednesdays at 1 pm MST start day to be announced.
This will include at least 45-60 minutes of healing with Q&A afterwards. (90-minute call in total) The ability to use the chatbox live during the calls to interact, share and ask questions throughout the session.
The sessions will be recorded for anyone that cannot be live on the call.

Private Facebook Group

In this group, I will be doing a live video when I feel called to on the week that there is no Zoom call. This will be saved in the group where you can watch it when it is suitable for you. This is what I am most excited about. This is where you can go to share with the community in a safe and supportive space. Share your wins! Share your struggles! Get support from myself and others!

You will have access to me via email or messenger

If you want to ask private questions that may need some more insight from me. I do, however, ask for you to go to the group first if you can push through your comfort zone. Just know that if you have a question, then other people need the answer as well.

Ready to make the leap?

There are 3 easy options to join
the 3 Month Group Healing Series.

There are 3 easy options to join the 3-Month Group Healing Series.

Total Investment: $888.00
Save $111.00
Total Investment: $333/ month for 3 months
Total Investment: $111/month for 10 months

E-transfer payment options are available (for full payment or payment plans).
Send Tara Jo a message via the form below.

E-transfer payment options are available
(for full payment or payment plans).
Send Tara Jo a message via the form below.

Call Dates

To be announced

The first call starts June 23rd @ 1 pm MST.
Biweekly Zoom calls follow every Wednesday at 1 pm MST. Until Sept 1st.

BONUS call on September 8th.

Call times: 1 pm Mountain Time Zone.

Have Questions?

Tell me a little about your self, what you’re wondering about, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Tell me a little about your self, what you’re wondering about,
and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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